Web Design And Development

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Web Design And Development

We are an based web design and development company.

We use modern industry standard tools and techniques to design your website and web applications.

We are passionate about what we do.

Your website will be:

  • Appealing
    Visually appealing and well written content
  • Navigation
    Designed to be easy to navigate
  • Search engine friendly
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is built in from the start
  • Speedy
    Quick to download, our design is lean and our servers are fast
  • Standards Based
    Compliant with the latest WC3 HTML standards

Web Technology

We specialise in HTML5 and CSS3 for web page design and PHP (Wordpress and Slim Framework) and Ruby (Jekyll and Sinatra) for blog and web application development.

Web Hosting

We have our own hosting environment for your websites and web applications. This provides a fast, fully backed up, and secure environment for your web site and web applications. We also offer email packages to suite your business or individual email requirements.